Whether you are running a marathon, building a house or climbing a mountain peak, almost all successful achievements are a result of having three factors in common: a vision, a plan and a guide. The Petrus Annual Manual provides Catholic organizations desiring to grow their Annual Fund with a game plan built on best practices and proven strategies. And because we know that no two organizations are the same, the Annual Manual also comes with a Petrus Team Member to help provide personalized guidance and direction. #letsride

What Is Included?

Development Calendar

The most effective way for an organization to build a strong annual fund and an active pipeline of new donors is to strategically create a plan and consistently execute on it. The Petrus Annual Manual provides a 12-month development calendar ready-made for any nonprofit organization.

Weekly Email Instructions

Encouragement, instructions and tips pertinent to that week’s activities will be emailed out every Monday to keep clients on track. Some organizations will need to adapt their appeal schedules based on their own institutional calendar, but all emails are archived and can be accessed at any time.

How-To Guides & Samples

How-To Guides & Samples are available for clients to access as they work their way through the calendar. These “best practices” guides have been prepared by experts and practitioners in the field and offer strategy, tips for executing the program, and examples to help clients understand how the Annual Manual delivers results.

Weekly Phone Consultation

Maintaining focus and staying disciplined over the entire course of the year can be challenging for some organizations. A weekly phone consultation with a Petrus Team Member provides that personalized advice, guidance and support. The weekly frequency also keeps projects moving forward all year without disruption.

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What Is The Implementation Plan?


Who will be in charge of each activity over the course of the year? Some organizations can assign a single person for all annual fund activities and some elect a team approach. While Petrus recommends hiring a full-time development director, we understand that this may not be possible for all organizations immediately. As part of the implementation plan, organizations will discuss and make assignments for all activities for the first year.


Who is the primary audience for fundraising? Some organizations have kept records of members, participants, alumni, parents, etc over time and have a healthy list to reach out to. Others need to develop new strategies and policies for identifying donors and prospects. During Implementation, Petrus will provide ideas and strategies for building your database. If your organization needs additional assistance purchasing and installing a database, Petrus offers support and training at an affordable rate.


Once the personnel are assigned and the database is online, Petrus will help create a 100-Day Plan. This plan gives clear steps for the first phase of the Annual Manual and helps establish the practices and routines that will lead to consistency and sustainability. By creating a 100-Day Plan, members of the staff and volunteers who will be assisting understand their role in the Development Strategy.