Announcing the Petrus Annual Manual Giveaway

By Hilary Francis, Petrus Administrative Assistant

Are you in need of funding to grow your ministry?

Do you have a vision in your head but need that extra push to make your vision a reality?

Have you heard of the Petrus Annual Manual but been unable to move forward for lack of $?

Petrus Development is pleased to announce that we will be giving away One Year of Free Training in annual fundraising and development best practices to two lucky winners this fall.

You read that right. Two Free Annual Manual Packages. Up. For. Grabs.

Why does my organization need an Annual Manual? What is it exactly? And what does it do?

The Petrus Annual Manual provides Catholic organizations desiring to grow their Annual Fund with a game plan built on best practices and proven strategies. In the Annual Manual Program your organization is given a 12 Month Development Calendar running from July to June, providing a comprehensive plan for your annual fund program. This allows you to fully maximize the year and engage the full spectrum of your donor base in giving to your organization and in learning more about its mission for further cultivation efforts. As you work through the calendar you will have access to a digital library of How To Guides and Samples which provides expert advice and need-to-know strategies and tips on executing the program for your organization. In addition to these tools, you will receive short, easy to follow Weekly Email Guidance and Instructions to keep you motivated and on track. By consistently completing a number of short term steps you can smoothly work toward reaching your long term goals. Finally, the Annual Manual includes personalized support in a Weekly Phone Call with a Petrus Consultant lasting for thirty minutes to an hour. This weekly advice, guidance, and support will help your organization to maintain focus and allow you to get the answers you need to the questions you have throughout the year.

What does the Annual Manual NOT do? 

The Annual Manual is a set of tools designed to create a great annual fund program and personalized guidance from professional development consultants with significant real-world experience. These tools, guides and consultants will not take the place of intentional effort and hard work on your part, however. It is imperative that participants dedicate time monthly, weekly and even daily in some cases to following the plan and implementing the strategies set forth.

Additionally, the Annual Manual is not necessarily designed to help organizations secure more major gifts from benefactors. Some strategies require making direct asks for major gifts and your consultant will offer advice and coaching to improve your success. However, the Annual Manual is designed to help form a solid foundation for sustainable fundraising and create a pipeline of new donors. If your organization is looking to focus more on major gift fundraising at this time, consider contacting Petrus to discuss our plans that would offer a more focused approach in that area.

Ok, you’re right! I need the Annual Manual, but is my organization eligible?

To be eligible to win one of the two free Annual Manual packages, your organization must be a Catholic, non-profit ministry registered in the United States with an annual budget of $150k-$500k and a full time staff member who can take the lead on development.

Sweet! We qualify! How will Petrus pick the winners?

A committee, comprised of Petrus and non-Petrus members will make selections based on your organization’s need, your likelihood of success, and commitment from your organization’s leadership.

And if my organization wins, then what?

If your organization is selected, you will need to commit to a weekly phone call with a Petrus consultant beginning in October of 2019 and lasting through September of 2020. In addition, you will be asked to submit quarterly financial reports to your consultant to help you stay on track. To implement some development best practices you will need to invest in and utilize a donor database as well as commit some financial resources to mailings, small group receptions, and other activities. Finally, you will be asked to participate in podcast interviews to discuss the growth of your development program (as you can be sure that the Annual Manual delivers results!)

I’m down! How do we sign up?

If you are ready for your organization’s vision to materialize into a working plan, be sure to Apply for the 2019 Annual Manual Giveaway by September 10, 2019. (That’s 6 weeks from now, so you’ve got plenty of time…but don’t forget!) You will complete a google form including questions about your ministry (its location, its leadership, etc), your point of contact (their current role and background), and financial information (annual budget, sources of income). Additionally, you will be asked to provide 3 essay-style answers to the following questions:

  • What is your vision for the ministry?
  • What are three areas of growth that could be addressed with increased funding?
  • What has been done previously to fundraise?

That’s it?! Let’s do this!

God bless and best of luck to you!

If you have more questions about the 2019 Annual Manual Giveaway or want to learn more about the Annual Manual program, visit the Annual Manual Giveaway page or contact

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