Petrus Development Show Episode 7 – Jacob Laskowski: The 86 Effect

Interview with Jacob Laskowski on The Petrus Development Show

Jacob Laskowski, Founder and CEO, 86 Creative 

In this episode, Andrew visits with Jacob Laskowski, founder and CEO of 86 Creative, a full service marketing and design firm that’s worked with some of the most well known organizations currently serving the Catholic Church. In this conversation, they dive into the principles of design and marketing that most directly affect a charity’s ability to fundraise and discuss how organizations can best position themselves to clearly explain their mission and vision.

Show Notes:

  • Jacob began his career with FOCUS as a missionary and then working in their marketing department. Two of his major accomplishments during that time were creating a new logo for FOCUS and rebranding their annual conference as SEEK.
  • Later, Jacob decided to start his own business where he could be creative and work with a variety of clients. 86 Creative is a full service design and marketing firm that helps businesses and nonprofits hone their style and story.
  • Many of the rules and principles that Jacob uses in his design, he has learned from companies like Apple and Starbucks. When creating a proposal or case for support for fundraising, Jacob recommends a five-step process.
    • State the situation
    • State your idea
    • Tell how it works
    • State your impact
    • Ask for support
  • One piece of advice that Jacob has for organizations is to not try to say too much in their initial message. It’s important to invite people in to ask more questions. Jacob encourages nonprofits to reach out to volunteers who might be able to help with design projects. For campus ministries, there are likely some students who can offer ideas and suggestions. Board members can also be a resource. Another recommendation is to read. Jacob recommends “All Marketers are Liars” by Seth Godin.

For more information about Jacob Laskowski and his work or to connect with him, visit or email him at

Show Transcript:

Transcript is not yet available. Check back soon.

Giving to religious causes vastly exceeds any other category in the nonprofit sector, but faith-based organizations often struggle the most with fundraising effectively. Join Andrew Robison, President of Petrus Development, as he explores this topic through honest and revealing conversations with church leaders, executive directors and development professionals from the nonprofit community.

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