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Giving to religious causes vastly exceeds any other category in the nonprofit sector, but faith-based organizations often struggle the most with fundraising effectively. Join Andrew Robison, President of Petrus Development, as he explores this topic through honest and revealing conversations with church leaders, executive directors and development professionals from the nonprofit community.

Previous and future guests include: Mike Perkins, President and CEO of Heroic Media, Inc.; Frank Shannon, Executive Director of Development at St. Mary’s Catholic Center at Texas A&M University; Tara Doyon, Director of Development and Mission Advancement at St. Paul’s Catholic Center at Indiana University; and Jamie Cappetta, President at Our Savior Parish and Caruso Catholic Center at USC.

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Petrus Development Show Episode 20 - Chris Hanzeli

In this episode Andrew visits with Chris Hanzeli about two of his different roles in development and his masters research. Executive Director of Institutional Advancement for the Western Dominican Province, Chris Hanzeli has a Masters of Philanthropy and Development through St. Mary’s University in Winona, Minnesota. His masters research, entitled, Lessons from online consumer behavior: How non profit organizations can enhance trust-building strategies for online donors, explores how non-profits can utilize the example of online retailers to establish trust with potential online donors.

Petrus Development Show Episode 19 - Fr. Larry Rice

Director of Campus Ministry for the University Catholic Center at the University of Texas at Austin, Fr. Larry Rice discusses his role at the UCC and also his previous role as Chaplain and Director of Campus Ministry at St. Thomas More Newman Center at the Ohio State University. He compares and contrasts working in campus ministry at these two schools. Fr. Larry just celebrated his 30th anniversary of ordination to the priesthood with the Paulist Fathers. He understands campus ministry and the principles of development and takes his role as supervisor seriously. Share this episode with a priest.

Petrus Development Show Episode 18 - Jason Simon

Evangelical Catholic has been forming missionary disciples since the early 1990s. The Evangelical Catholic works nationally to support dioceses parishes and university campus ministries to lead self-sustaining evangelization movements through their customized coaching service and online learning management system. Evangelical Catholic currently works with over 100 Catholic ministries across the nation. Jason Simon is the President of Evangelical Catholic. In this episode he discusses his journey through Evangelical Catholic, his faith journey, and how that relates not just to fundraising but to running an organization.

Petrus Development Show PLC 2019 - Dennis and Marie Wierzbicki

In this episode, Dennis and Marie Wierzbicki, benefactors to the “One Church, Many Disciples” Capital Campaign for the Archdiocese of Oklahoma City sat down with Peter de Keratry at the 2019 Petrus Leadership Conference to share about their experience as donors. Dennis is the president of Ditch Witch and Marie is a volunteer for many nonprofit organizations in and around Oklahoma City. Dennis and Marie shared lessons they have learned along their philanthropic journey, how they have encouraged their children to be philanthropic and what their experience getting involved and giving to the “One Church, Many Disciples” campaign was like. The Wierzbicki’s honestly answer questions from Peter and the audience to share a donor’s perspective regarding invitation, engagement, recognition, and more!

Petrus Development Show PLC 2019 - John Flynn

Vice President of Philanthropy for FOCUS, John Flynn, presented at the 2019 Petrus Leadership Conference in Oklahoma City on June 23-26. This is the audio recording of his presentation.

Petrus Development Show PLC 2019 - James Baxter

James has served as the Executive Director of Exodus 90 since 2015. He attended St. John Vianney Seminary in Saint Paul, Minnesota and St. Meinrad Seminary and School of Theology in St. Meinrad, Indiana before discerning God was calling him to marriage and secular life. In 2015, supported by his Board, James assumed responsibility for scaling Exodus 90 from a seminary formation program into a spiritual exercise for the renewal of the Church. James presented at the 2019 Petrus Leadership Conference, which took place in Oklahoma City on June 23-26. This is the audio recording of his presentation.

Petrus Development Show Episode 17 - David Pederson

David Pederson has been the Director of Development for the Catholic Community Foundation for the Diocese of Phoenix since 2013. David explores the basics of planned giving: What is it? What types of gifts are made in this type of giving? As well as how to approach donors about planned giving and how to begin a program. David offers practical advice for the development professional wanting to explore planned giving as an option for future growth of their ministry.

Petrus Development Show Episode 16 - Mary Hernandez

Mary Hernandez is the Executive Director of Advancement for Our Lady of Wisdom Church and Student Center at the University of Louisiana - Lafayette. Mary discusses how the growth of the ministry really spurred growth in their development efforts and how a long-term vision for serving the students of UL has led them to launch a $22M capital campaign to build a new student center.

Petrus Development Show Episode 15 - Keith Myers

Keith Myers is the Director of Advancement for St. John XXIII College Preparatory in Houston, Texas. Keith discusses the importance of tying the ministry of development into forming stewards with intentionality of purpose. Keith learned valuable strategies for success in development though his career, including setting clear goals and tracking your data. Ultimately, being truly present to another person is of utmost importance.

Petrus Development Show Episode 14 - Fr. Ben Hasse

In this episode, Andrew visits with Fr. Ben Hasse, the Pastor of St. Albert the Great University Parish in Houghton, Michigan as well as the vocations director for the Diocese of Marquette. During their conversation, Fr. Ben joyfully tells of his experience in ministry and development for the university parish. He speaks of the practical concerns of running a parish and student center while also emphasizing the importance of relationship.

Petrus Development Show Episode 13 - Kerry Robinson

In this episode, Andrew visits with Kerry Robinson the Global Ambassador of Leadership Roundtable and author of the book, ``Imagining Abundance: Fundraising, Philanthropy and a Spiritual Call to Service`` Kerry details her experience working in development for the Catholic Student Center at Yale University and later goes on to describe the origins and legacy of Leadership Roundtable, packed with useful lessons along the way.

Petrus Development Show Episode 12 - John Flynn

In this episode, Andrew visits with the Vice President of Philanthropy for FOCUS, John Flynn. They discuss the impact that development can have on ministry as well as the importance of having a plan and a vision for your ministry. Two tools for success explored are the Case for Support and the Blue Ribbon Committee. Most importantly, a development officer in the Catholic Church needs to be committed to a life of prayer and participation in the Sacraments.

Petrus Development Show Episode 11 - Larry Massey

In this episode, Andrew visits with President of the Scanlan Foundation, Larry Massey. The Scanlan Foundation funds Catholic non profit organizations primarily in the Houston area. Their mission is to promote the Roman Catholic Church of Texas. Larry discusses his role with the Scanlan Foundation, as well as Scanlan’s history and impact on the Houston community and the state of Texas. He also gives practical advice for how to interact with foundations like Scanlan and others.

Petrus Development Show Episode 10 - Sarah Robinson and Patrick Glaze

In this episode, Andrew visits with Sarah Robinson and Patrick Glaze who are missionaries for the Fellowship of Catholic University Students (FOCUS). Sarah and Patrick discuss their work raising money for and participating in FOCUS at Wichita State University as well as the impact that FOCUS has had on their lives and the lives of those they’ve encountered.

Petrus Development Show Episode 9 - Jason Gerdes

In this episode, Andrew visits with Jason Gerdes, ED of Nebraska Lutheran Outdoor Ministry and president of the Board of Trustees of ALDE. ALDE is a membership organization founded 40 years ago to bring together Lutheran fundraisers working in ministry. They discuss Jason's work with Outdoor Ministries and the role and vision of ALDE.

Petrus Development Show Episode 8 - Kate Sell

In this episode, Andrew visits with Kate Sell, founder and Managing Partner of Mission Advancement Partners. In this conversation, they discuss how organizations can look at their own strengths and weaknesses and develop short- and long-term strategies to better fulfill their mission and help an organization grow.

Petrus Development Show Episode 7 - Jacob Laskowski

In this episode, Andrew visits with Jacob Laskowski, founder and CEO of 86 Creative, about the principles of design and marketing that most directly affect a charity’s ability to fundraise. They also discuss how organizations can best position themselves to clearly explain their mission and vision.

Petrus Development Show Episode 6 - Linda Domeyer

In this episode, Andrew visits with Linda Domeyer, Director of Leadership Giving at St. Louis University High as well as Consultant for Petrus Development. In this episode, Linda and Andrew talk about how she initially learned about development, her first capital campaign experience, transitioning to a robust annual fund strategy and what she loves most about consulting. Linda also shares about the most expensive failure of her career.

Petrus Development Show Episode 5 - Peter de Keratry, CFRE

In this episode, Andrew visits with Peter de Keratry, Executive Director of Stewardship & Development for the Archdiocese of Oklahoma City and co-Founder of Petrus Development. In this episode, Peter discusses how he learned the art and science of fundraising, why and how they founded Petrus Development and what he thinks is the most important thing that any development professional can do for his or her organization.

Petrus Development Show Episode 4 - Tara Doyon

In this episode, Andrew visits with Tara Doyon, Director of Development and Mission Advancement at St. Paul Catholic Center at Indiana University. In this episode, Tara discusses what she focused on in the beginning of her career to be successful, her thoughts on Catholic stewardship and her current capital campaign project at St. Pauls.

Petrus Development Show Episode 3 - Jamie Cappetta

In this episode, Andrew visits with Jamie Cappetta, President of Our Savior Parish and USC Caruso Catholic Center. In this episode, Andrew and Jamie discuss his career transitions, the great speaker series at Yale Catholic Center, his strong feelings about the importance of goals and metrics, the powerpacked board that he manages at the USC Caruso Catholic Center and much more.

Petrus Development Show Episode 2 - Frank Shannon

In this episode, Andrew visits with Frank Shannon, Executive Director of Development at St. Mary’s Catholic Center at Texas A&M University. Frank and Andrew covered a variety of topics, including Frank’s career before St. Mary’s, how he transitioned from 25 years in higher ed to a Catholic ministry and how the current campaign at St. Mary’s is going.

Petrus Development Show Episode 1 - Mike Perkins

In this episode Andrew visits with Mike Perkins, President and CEO of Heroic Media. Mike has served for 30+ years in the nonprofit community and the Catholic Church. Mike discusses his career, what he has learned about fundraising and ministry along the way and how he came into his current role with Heroic Media.