Dan Moraczewski

Chief Operating Officer

Dan Moraczewski is the Chief Operating Officer of Petrus Development. Dan will lead the talent search process for clients, manage company finances and support clients and prospective clients in their needs. Dan previously supported Petrus Development as President, Board Member and as a senior consultant.

He began his career with Campbell’s Soup in Omaha, Nebraska, in the cost accounting department for the Swanson TV dinner line. Desiring a career focused on travel and interaction with people, he joined American Greetings as a sales rep and began a 29-year career of sales and marketing management. Dan retired at the end of 2004 and returned to Texas, where he had spent 10 years of his American Greetings career. He set up his own consulting practice dealing with companies wanting to grow their presence with retailers.

Dan currently resides in Austin with his wife Peggy.